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Our aim is to publish a new summary on a weekly basis, with quarterly special themed weeks with related summaries published daily. Our work is always open, free and transparent; the author and the reviewer are always named and Twitter contact details are provided.

We are keen to expand. Currently, with the assistance of trusted colleagues, we have written all the summaries ourselves. We are open to the idea of having contributing authors who will write summaries for us to review and publish.

The summaries will be commissioned. We will task authors to review specific studies. Please do not submit summaries if they have not been commissioned; they will probably be rejected and your time will be wasted. However, if you have a particular area of interest, we will give it consideration.

New authors will be asked to write three summaries as a trial as a Contributing Author. We are not obliged to publish your work if it does not meet our expectations. If these three are accepted, and we have enjoyed working with you (and you have enjoyed working with us!), then we may ask you to write further summaries, as a Regular Contributing Author.

Each review is written in a standard format. The consistent format allows for easy reading. This document provides instructions for this format, and a guide of what is expected in each section. Deviation from this format – for example, to describe a study with an unusual design – must have approval from the editorial team.

Importantly, we reserve the right to reject or modify the content of any submitted summary. A rejection will be returned with an explanation and possibly the opportunity to submit re-written work. Modifications, if substantial, will be discussed with you prior to publication. Minor grammatical, spelling or formatting changes will not be discussed and will be made at our discretion.

One member of the editorial board will be responsible for peer-reviewing your summary, although other editorial board members may be consulted. The primary peer-reviewer’s name will be listed as peer-review editor on the published summary.

We will choose the publication date. You will be informed when publication occurs, but not necessarily in advance, along with the specific URL to access their summary.

You will be listed as first author of the summary, and we believe that online blog publications such as this can carry as much kudos as a letter or correspondence in a published journal.

Email us at if you would like to discuss working with us.