Critical Care Evidence Updates – September 2023

Randomised Controlled Trials

Blood Pressure Management After Endovascular Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke

The BEST-II Randomized Clinical Trial  JAMA

Dexmedetomidine vs. propofol sedation reduces the duration of mechanical ventilation after cardiac surgery – a randomized controlled trial  European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

Effect of Individualized Versus Standardized Blood Pressure Management During Endovascular Stroke Treatment on Clinical Outcome: A Randomized Clinical Trial  Stroke

High-Dose Inhaled Nitric Oxide in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure due to COVID-19: A Multicenter Phase 2 Trial  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Individualized heparin monitoring and management reduces protamine requirements in cardiac surgery on minimal invasive extracorporeal circulation; A prospective randomized study  Perfusion

Probiotics in septic acute kidney injury, a double blind, randomized control trial  Renal Failure

Propafenone versus amiodarone for supraventricular arrhythmias in septic shock: a randomised controlled trial  Intensive Care Medicine

Role of dexmedetomidine in modifying immune paralysis in patients with septic shock: randomized controlled trial  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Single-plane versus real-time biplane approaches for ultrasound-guided central venous catheterization in critical care patients: a randomized controlled trial  Critical Care

Tight Blood-Glucose Control without Early Parenteral Nutrition in the ICU  NEJM

Other Guidance/Reports

2023 American Heart Association Focused Update on the Management of Patients With Cardiac Arrest or Life-Threatening Toxicity Due to Poisoning: An Update to the American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care  Circulation

2023 ESC Guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes: Developed by the task force on the management of acute coronary syndromes of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)  European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care

Guidance to inform research recruitment processes for studies involving critically ill patients  Journal of the Intensive Care Society

JCS/JHRS 2022 Guideline on Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Arrhythmia  Circulation Journal

Multidisciplinary expert panel report on fluid stewardship: perspectives and practice  Annals of Intensive Care

SPLF/SMFU/SRLF/SFAR/SFCTCV Guidelines for the management of patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax  Annals of Intensive Care

Standardization of Nomenclature for the Mechanisms and Materials Utilized for Extracorporeal Blood Purification  Blood Purification


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for critically ill adults

Higher versus lower fractions of inspired oxygen or targets of arterial oxygenation for adults admitted to the intensive care unit

Primary Research

Acute-on-chronic liver failure alters linezolid pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients with continuous hemodialysis: an observational study  Annals of Intensive Care

Advanced respiratory mechanics assessment in mechanically ventilated obese and non-obese patients with or without acute respiratory distress syndrome  Critical Care

Antipsychotic Use for ICU Delirium and Associated Inflammatory Markers  Journal of Intensive Care Medicine

Association between diaphragmatic dysfunction after adult cardiovascular surgery and prognosis of mechanical ventilation: a retrospective cohort study  Journal of Intensive Care

Barriers to Organ Donation – A Qualitative Study of Intensive Care Nurses’ Experiences  Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing

Brain tissue oxygen monitoring in traumatic brain injury—part II: isolated and combined insults in relation to outcome  Critical Care

Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume Assessments by Transthoracic Echocardiography and Pulse index Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor in Critically ill Adult Patients: A Comparative Study  Journal of Intensive Care Medicine

Ceftobiprole for Treatment of Complicated Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia  NEJM

Characteristics and outcomes of patients with acute myeloid leukemia admitted to intensive care unit with acute respiratory failure: a post-hoc analysis of a prospective multicenter study  Annals of Intensive Care

Clinical impact of screening computed tomography in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a retrospective cohort study  Annals of Intensive Care

Comparison of balanced and unbalanced crystalloids as resuscitation fluid in patients treated for cardiogenic shock  Journal of Intensive Care

Diaphragm function in patients with Covid-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome on venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation  Annals of Intensive Care

Dynamic dosing for continuous renal replacement therapy: Service evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of titrating dose to biochemistry  Journal of the Intensive Care Society

Early and late withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the United Kingdom: Institutional variation and association with hospital mortality  Resuscitation

Effects of changes in trunk inclination on ventilatory efficiency in ARDS patients: quasi-experimental study  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Cardiac Arrest: Does Age Matter?  Critical Care Medicine

Facilitators and Barriers to Interacting With Clinical Decision Support in the ICU: A Mixed-Methods Approach  Critical Care Explorations

Fluid restrictive resuscitation with high molecular weight hyaluronan infusion in early peritonitis sepsis  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Identification of Clinically Significant Cytokine Signature Clusters in Patients With Septic Shock  Critical Care Medicine

Immunosuppressive effects of circulating bile acids in human endotoxemia and septic shock: patients with liver failure are at risk  Critical Care

Improvement of central vein ultrasound-guided puncture success using a homemade needle guide—a simulation study  Critical Care

In-hospital outcomes after acute myocardial infarction with obstructive coronary artery disease in critically ill patients hospitalized for non-cardiac disease  Annals of Intensive Care

Incidence, microbiological and immunological characteristics of ventilator-associated pneumonia assessed by bronchoalveolar lavage and endotracheal aspirate in a prospective cohort of COVID-19 patients: CoV-AP study  Critical Care

Long-term immunosuppressive treatment is not associated with worse outcome in patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit for septic shock: the PACIFIC study  Critical Care

Lung aeration estimated by chest electrical impedance tomography and lung ultrasound during extubation  Annals of Intensive Care

Mottling as a prognosis marker in cardiogenic shock  Annals of Intensive Care

Neurofilament light chain on intensive care admission is an independent predictor of mortality in COVID-19: a prospective multicenter study  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Non-ventilator-associated ICU-acquired pneumonia (NV-ICU-AP) in patients with acute exacerbation of COPD: From the French OUTCOMEREA cohort  Critical Care

Optimal Dosing of Levetiracetam for Seizure Prophylaxis in Critically Ill Patients: A Prospective Observational Study  Critical Care Medicine

Optimizing Pharmacist Team-Integration for ICU Patient Management: Rationale, Study Design, and Methods for a Multicentered Exploration of Pharmacist-to-Patient Ratio  Critical Care Explorations

Outcomes and time trends of acute respiratory distress syndrome patients with and without liver cirrhosis: an observational cohort  Annals of Intensive Care

Outcomes of patients aged ≥80 years with respiratory failure initially treated with non-invasive ventilation in European intensive care units before and during COVID-19 pandemic  Annals of Intensive Care

Palliative Medicine and End of Life Care Between Races in an Academic Intensive Care Unit  Journal of Intensive Care Medicine

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Weaning Failure From Venovenous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Patients With Severe Acute Respiratory Insufficiency  Critical Care Medicine

Prognosis and management of acute symptomatic seizures: a prospective, multicenter, observational study  Annals of Intensive Care

Pronation Reveals a Heterogeneous Response of Global and Regional Respiratory Mechanics in Patients With Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure  Critical Care Explorations

Prophylactic platelet transfusion response in critically ill patients: a prospective multicentre observational study  Critical Care

Reappraisal of intra-abdominal candidiasis: insights from peritoneal fluid analysis  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Remdesivir administration for SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia in ICU and non-ICU patients: outcome and posttreatment differences — the Italian Military Hospital experience  Journal of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Critical Care

Risk factors for mortality in severe COVID-19: Exploring the interplay of immunomodulatory therapy and coinfection  Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Septic shock due to Capnocytophaga canimorsus treated with IgM-enriched immunoglobulin as adjuvant therapy in an immunocompetent woman  Journal of Intensive Medicine

Sonometric assessment of cough predicts extubation failure: SonoWean—a proof-of-concept study  Critical Care

Spinal cord perfusion pressure correlates with breathing function in patients with acute, cervical traumatic spinal cord injuries: an observational study  Critical Care

Standardized approach for extubation during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome: a prospective observational study  Annals of Intensive Care

The Validity and Applicability of the Revised Delirium Rating Scale (DRS-R98) for Delirium Severity Assessment in a Critical Care Setting  Journal of Intensive Care Medicine

Therapeutic S100A8/A9 blockade inhibits myocardial and systemic inflammation and mitigates sepsis-induced myocardial dysfunction  Critical Care

Time definition of reintubation most relevant to patient outcomes in critically ill patients: a multicenter cohort study  Critical Care

Timing and threshold of high sensitive troponin T measurement for the prediction of mortality after cardiac surgery: a retrospective cohort analysis  Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

Ultrasonographic evaluation of the diaphragm in critically ill patients to predict invasive mechanical ventilation  Journal of Intensive Care

Vasopressin Initiation as a Second-Line VasoPressor in Early Septic Shock (VISPSS)  Journal of Intensive Care Medicine



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