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The TBL Top 10 for 2016

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Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
5 3 4
Looks like decompression converts death to disability, but we have to consider what the patients consider an acceptable / unacceptable outcome and that may not be the same as we’d chose for ourselves. – Charlotte Summers


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
5 4 3
In a year where “weekend effect” has been in the news both in UK and US quite a bit, and there is much discussion about how we can provide good-value healthcare, a study that challenged the prevailing assumption that admission to hospital at a weekend was associated with an increased mortality was dynamite. – Charlotte Summers


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 4 3
ANZICS think we should all have more dex. Some challenges in the conduct, yet a stirring conclusion. – Segun Olusanya


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 4 3
Together with INTERACT-2, looked at BP control post-intracerebral bleed. Bottom line… rapid, intense lowering of BP is not supported. Another point for ‘less is more’? – Adrian Wong


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 4 3
This trial found results that were the complete oppostite of what was expected highlighting the importance of research. – Dave Slessor


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 2 4
This was an eagerly-awaiting trial and our hopes of a new sepsis cure were deflated by the negative outcome. The conduct of the research was exemplary and it was hard to identify weaknesses in the methodology. – Duncan Chambler


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 3 3
Another one of those ICM trials… makes the numbers better but no effect on mortality outcome – Adrian Wong


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
4 3 3
This trial suggests that helmet NIV may be a promising tool to reduce intubation in patients with hyperaemic respiratory failure. If these results are repeated in multi-centre trials it has the potential to be a major game-changer. – Dave Slessor


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
5 2 2
The most common drug used in ICU is poorly researched. Although the trial had significant methodological limitations, it draws attention to an important question and sets the stage for future research. – Celia Bradford


Importance Game Changing Research Conduct
3 3 3
Ok, so this isn’t a huge highlight, but the increasing popularity of VL should be backed up by evidence and I commend the authors for producing some. As a result of this trial, I would only be keen on seeing C-MAC or McGrath in my hospital, and I encourage their use in any c-spine immobilised patient. – Duncan Chambler

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